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What is the process?

After a brief phone conversation, the first step of the process is an initial consultation meeting, which usually lasts from 75-90 minutes. At that meeting, current concerns and referral questions will be discussed and formulated, and the scope of the assessment will be determined based on your particular needs.  Testing sessions will be scheduled at that time, unless requested to do so earlier over the phone and/or because of scheduling constraints.  The number of hours spent in direct testing can range anywhere from 3 to 15 hours depending on the complexity and goals of the assessment; you and your assessor can decide together what will best meet your diagnostic and financial needs.  At every stage of the process, collaboration is encouraged, and you will be an active participant in tailoring the assessment to your practical and emotional needs.

For some assessments of children, parents will be encouraged to be present for the child’s testing, and testing will occur during day-time hours, when the child is fresh and able to focus and concentrate on the tasks.  This may necessitate the child missing school and/or a parent missing work.

At the end of the evaluation, family members may have individual meetings with the evaluator, and/or shared sessions.  In many cases, a session is offered approximately 10 weeks after the final feedback session to clarify questions that have arisen over time and/or go over information and ideas that emerged in the evaluation and may have required time to integrate. 

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