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Oakland Testing Specialists

What we do

Oakland Testing Specialists can provide evaluations of various types for school age children and teens and adults.  Types of evaluation include social-emotional testing, mental health evaluation, cognitive-intellectual testing, neuropsychological testing of attention and executive functioning, and academic testing for learning disabilities.   


We recognize that assessments can serve multiple purposes, and attempt to be flexible in our approach and tailor testing to answer particular referral questions.   Psychiatric diagnoses can be clarified through testing, and often cognitive and educational testing are required before institutions like schools will provide appropriate accommodations and services.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • Testing for educational and academic accommodations


  • Collaborative social-emotional assessments


  • Consultation to therapists


  • Mental health, attention or learning disability diagnosis


  • Neuropsychological testing and screening


Our group has a collaborative assessment approach, encouraging curiosity, engagement and active participation from clients.  For children and teens, the young person and their parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the process. We consult and collaborate with other professionals in a wide range of settings, most commonly therapists, schools, learning specialists and teachers.  Classroom observation is available when needed.  We give feedback about results gradually to clients throughout the testing process as well as in a formal meeting at the end of the process. Verbal feedback is provided at the end of the process to children and teens as well as to parents and learning specialists. In addition to verbal feedback, comprehensive reports that are user-friendly and free of jargon, and/or letters to clients and clinicians, are provided based on preferences and specific needs for documentation. 


When appropriate, reports are written to meet the requirements of schools and other institutions that need formal diagnoses and documentation in order to provide appropriate services.


Diane Santas, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                        Ori Elis, Ph.D.

T: (510) 834-4848                                                                                                                                                                              T: (510) 854-0415

 5625 College Ave #212

Oakland, CA 94618



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